• Riding Privileges


    Riding is a privilege that may be suspended or denied upon violation of these regulations.


    1. Be prompt!
    2. Enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion and if you are a crosser watch for the crossing signal from the bus driver. 
    3. Face front when the bus is in motion this means arms and legs in your seat and do not leave your assigned seat.
    4. Take your assigned bus only and sit as directed by the driver.
    5. Do not throw papers or other objects out the bus windows.
    6. Keep your arms, hands and head inside the bus.
    7. Do not use indecent or profane language.
    8. N0 smoking or tobacco products allowed.
    9. Get off the bus at your residence or assigned bus stop only.  Students must have a bus pass from the office before they will be allowed to get off the bus somewhere other than residence or assigned bus stop.
    10. Stay away from the bus until it is stopped.
    11. Do not disturb the driver with unnecessary talk, but please let him/her know of problems.
    12. Talk with your fellow students in a reasonable manner.  Use indoor voices.
    13. Carry your books and musical instruments on your lap.  Musical instruments may go under your seat. 
    14. Unauthorized persons/visitors are not to be on nor can they ride the buses.
    15. Follow bus driver’s instructions at all times.
    16. Cross streets only in front of the buses while stopped to load or unload observing the ten-foot crossing rule.  Students are not allowed to check the mail box during loading/unloading, please wait until the bus has left.


    Children are a very precious cargo and for that reason we ask our parents to continue to assist the school in assuring a safe ride to and from school by reviewing these rules with their children.