• Frequently Asked Questions


    How Will I know the bus schedule?

    Are there seatbelts on the school buses?

    Can my child ride another bus?

    Will the bus take my child to a babysitter?

    Are there cameras on the bus and may I watch it?

    Can the bus come back to get a child that missed the bus?

    How will I know if school is delayed or closed or closing early?

    If school is delayed or closed or closing early, what does that mean for out-of-district buses?


    How will I know the bus schedule?

    Each year the Transportation Department goes over the existing bus routes.  Parents will be notified if changes are made via a postcard sent to them in late August. Any new students added to the bus routes will be notified by the Transportation Department by phone before the start of the new school year.  If you need to make changes to your child’s information, please call the Transportation Department at (315)658-2270.

    Remember, these times are approximate and are subject to change throughout the school year.


    Are there seatbelts on school buses?

    Yes, there are seatbelts on all New York State school buses, but New York State does not mandate that students must wear them.  However at LCS the Board of Education implemented a policy effective 11/28/94 that requires the use of seat belts by All passengers on All bus runs including sports, band, field trips, assisted study and any other runs. 


    Can my child ride another bus?

    Parents need to send a note for the office to school with their child to give them permission to ride another bus.  Students can not be dropped off any place except their designated stop without a bus pass issued from the office. 


    Will the bus take my child to a babysitter?

    Yes….If the child care provider is within our school district boundaries.   You must make arrangements with the school and transportation in advance.  Our goal is to be sure that every child is on the right bus and taken to the right place…So please contact the office then follow the call with a note so that a bus pass can be written.


    Are there cameras on the bus and may I watch the video?

    LCS has video cameras on every school bus in the fleet.  Videos are used by the administrators to follow up on complaints received by students, parents and bus drivers.   The NYS Education Department has said that only school personnel can view the videos due to privacy rights of the other students. However, if you have a concern, you can request that a school administrator view the video for you.


    Can the bus come back to get a child that missed the bus?

    No…The buses run on a very tight schedule, plus we have other children waiting outside, in the weather for their bus and a large number of students start their day with breakfast, etc, so it is very important that we arrive at school on time!


    How will I know if school is delayed, closed or closing early?

    If the delay, closing or early dismissal is planned it will be listed on the school calendar followed up with an announcement sent home form the school.  If we are delayed, closed or closing early due to weather or another emergency, look for announcements on the radio/television stations listed below.  Remember, the weather may be fine where you are, but there could be severe weather in other areas.  Please make a habit of listening to the radio or television as regular part of your morning routine. 

    When the school district announces a one or two hour delay, this means the school buses will start their routes one or two hours late.  So if your bus usually comes at 7:20 then on a two hour delay your bus will arrive at about 9:20, etc.  If the district has a two hour delay then A.M. BOCES and A.M. Pre-K will be canceled.

    When the school district is forced to close early, and your child needs to go to another person’s home for temporary care, you must have this information on file at the office ahead of time.  In any of these conditions, personal contact with each parent is impossible-so please monitor the television or radio stations. 

    For a complete listing of radio/television stations please see Snow/Delay Procedures.

    Local Radio Stations


    WTNY-AM 790 Watertown

    WANT-AM 1240 Watertown

    WIGS-AM 1400 Watertown

    WCIZ-AM 1410 Watertown

    WFRY-FM 97.5 Watertown

    WOTT-FM 100.7 Watertown

    WBDR-FM 92.7 Watertown

    WBDR-FM 106.7 Watertown

    WNCQ-FM 102.9 Watertown

    WTOJ-FM 103.1 Watertown


    Local Television Stations


    WWNY-TV channel 7 Watertown


    WWTI-TV Channel 50 Watertown

    WSTN-TV Channel3 Syracuse

    NEWS 10 NOW-Cable channel 10 Syracuse