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    General Information


    Discipline Procedures

    Bus safety and student discipline is a continual concern of your school district.  Responsibility for the conduct of the students while they are waiting for the bus rests with the parents.  When the student boards the bus, the school district assumes responsibility until the child gets off the bus at the end of the day. 


    Bus drivers will make every effort to see that the children behave on the bus.  When a behavior incident arises, the driver will attempt to handle the problem.    In the event the driver can not correct the situation, the discipline problem will be reported to a principal via a discipline referral form.    When necessary, the parent will be involved.    In certain situations where the child will not behave on the bus, it may necessary for the child to be denied the privilege of riding the bus and the parent will be responsible for the transporting the child to school.  We hope this type of behavioral situation will be held to a bare minimum. 



    Bus Passes

    Students wishing to ride home on other than their regular bus must have a signed note from their parents stating the date and destination.  Bus passes are issued at the office and the students presents the pass to the bus driver.


    Should you need to pick your child up from school at the end of the day, please contact the office to receive the procedures designed to assist parents.  If the procedures are followed no conflict shall occur with bus loading or school dismissal operations.