• LaFargeville Central School

    Thursday, May 23, 2019  

    Day 6


    “Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” Richard Bach


    The 2019 Yearbooks have arrived! Seniors will have received their books yesterday and underclassmen today. There are still books for sale at $40 each. This year’s book cover was designed by Michael Jones and of course the very dedicated Yearbook Staff.



    Congratulations to the Girls JV Softball team on their victory over Sackets Harbor by a score of 18 to 3 in 6 innings. Offensively, Jenna Pavlot and Vivian Silva had 2 hits, Racheal Brown had three hits, 2 doubles and a single, Eliza Franks has 3 hits, a single, double and triple. Julia Duffany had 2 hits, a single and a Homerun and Chloe May had four hits, 2 singles, a triple and a homerun and 8 RBIs. Defensively, Jenna Pavlot and Olivia Cratsenberg pitched very well. Red Knights were solid on defense and very solid at the plate. Great job Ladies. Off the too Alex Bay today.


    Attention Marching Band Members in all grades 5 through 12... Don't forget the parade Monday!  Elementary members should take instruments home today.  Do Not Leave instruments in your classrooms.  The classrooms will be locked on Monday. High school members remember to refresh your memory over the long weekend. PLEASE be on time and Good Luck!


    Golf Practice today 3:30-5:00.


    The 9th grade students will be completing their Sources of Strength training on Thursday, May 23rd, beginning 6th-period and going until the end of the day. Students that normally eat 6A or 6B will need to each lunch 5B. All 9th grade students will report to the gym foyer after 5B. Mr. Augustus’ 8th-period geometry students will report to Mrs. Gascon’s, and Mrs. Compo’s 8th – period algebra students will report to Mrs. Denner’s core lab. If the 10-12 peer leaders are available, they will join the 9th graders to assist with the training.


    To all students in grades 6-11: On Friday, May 31 you will have the opportunity to vote for either Peyton Sammons or Carrie Getman as your 2019-2020 Student Council president. All eligible voters can vote during their lunch period. On Tuesday, May 28 all students in grades 6-11 will be invited to the auditorium to hear each candidate give a brief speech. This will occur during period 4a and will be followed by class meetings for the rest of 4th period. These class meeting times will be used to vote for next year’s class officers. Happy Election Week – be sure to make your voice heard by casting your votes.