• Exemption Impact Report

    Exemption Reporting for Taxing Jurisdictions


    Chapter 258 of the Laws of 2008 added Section 495 to the Real Property Tax Law requiring counties, cities, towns, villages and school districts to attach to their tentative/preliminary budgets an exemption report. The measure is effective October 5, 2008 and applies to budgets for fiscal years commencing on and after that date.

    The exemption reports will provide taxpayers, policy makers, media and the general public with greater transparency on property tax exemptions and their effect on overall property taxes.

    Exemptions are reductions in property taxes granted to certain groups of property owners (e.g., non-profits, seniors, veterans) and are paid for by increases in property taxes on all other taxpayers (except for the STAR exemption, which is funded directly by New York State). The exemption reports will show, for each type of exemption, how much of the local property tax base has been removed from taxation.


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