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Financial Aid Financial Aid

Page Updated 1/3/2015

To go directly to the US Department of Education's FAFSA home page click on the icon:                 where you can:

~Start or continue your 2015-2016 FAFSA             ~Correct information for a submitted FAFSA             

                                           ~Check the status of a submitted FAFSA



 Will be held on Tuesday, January 6, 2015

from 7-8 pm in the LCS Auditorium

For juniors, seniors, parents and community members

JCC's Assistant
Counselor of Financial Aid , Mariya Clemons will discuss the process of

completing the FAFSA and obtaining grants, loans and other sources of financial aid to pay for college and answer questions you have about completing your own FAFSA


All College-Bound Seniors will be required to attend one of the following interactive Financial Aid Workshops (assigned according to class schedule) with Mrs. Henry in the LCS Library Period 9: 

Thursday Jan 8th or Friday January 9th    2015

Mrs. Henry will demonstrate the completion of the FAFSA, then students will use laptops to begin their FAFSA with individualized assistance.


Goal:  All students should be able to file an estimated FAFSA early in February so you do not miss out on any aid.

Parents are welcome to attend  with your 2014 tax returns if you have them complete to file your actual FAFSA   or   2013 * tax returns (if you will not have your 2014 tax returns complete by this date and need to file a preliminary estimated FAFSA) 


What's New With the 2015-2016 Financial Aid Process?

I have listed some of the major changes occurring with this filing year which were presented by financial aid officials at our Fall, 2014 conference

~ New Shopping Sheet Unveiled:  The Department of Education has designed a model format for an institution's financial aid award letter in an effort to make letters more standardized and transparent.  The Department of education is recommending that institutions start using it this year.  SUNY schools must use the format this year (beginning in 2014).  Click here to see the new "Shopping Sheet" (at the bottom of the announcement)

~Question 79 on the FAFSA:  IRS Data Retrieval System is now fullly functional:  FAFSA applicants have the option of retrieving income and tax data from the IRS, which is automatically inserted into the FAFSA application.  Note:  this feature will take up to 1 week for data to be retrieved for e- income tax filers and up to 6 weeks for data to be retrieved for paper income tax filers.  The advantage of using this tool is that it may avoid having to submit copies of tax return transcripts during the verification process.

~"Skip Logic" automatically omits questions that do not apply to the student based upon answers provided to previous questions, making the form much less cumbersome

~Built in edits help students detect and correct errors before submitting

~FAFSA 4caster now offers students the ability to compare costs between different schools

~Post-911 GI bill now allows transfer of entitlement to eligible dependents for active duty service members, see links at the bottom of this page

Definition of "Married" has changed.  Rather than Mother and Father, FAFSA has students indicate Parent 1 and Parent 2



Filing for Financial Aid:  What Do We Do? / When Do We Do It?

Steps 1-4 can be completed prior to January 1

Step 1:  Set up a PIN accounts for both parent and student .  You will need a PIN for Federal Student Aid and for NY State Student aid - 4 PIN accounts total.  This can be done any time.  Do not lose these numbers, as you will use the same PIN during the entire time your student is in college.

*Click on the graphic below to go to the official US Department of Education's PIN web site to set up student and parent PIN numbers which will allow you to sign your FAFSA electronically

Welcome to the Federal Student Aid PIN Site

Important:  Your FAFSA  PIN will be emailed to you, usually arriving 3-5 days after submission.  YOU MUST BE SURE TO ADD: to your email address book or safe list to ensure that your Internet Service Provider does not treat this important correspondence as spam. This message will come in the form of a link to view your PIN, which only works one time, so you must write your PIN down the first time you link to it.  This link is only active for 14 days after it is sent, so be sure to check your emails regularly after submission

*Click on the graphic below to go to the NY State Financial Aid site to set up your HESC pins for both student and parent which will allow you to complete your TAP on the Web application to qualify for NY State aid

Hesc Banner

Step 2:  Check with each college financial aid office to which you are applying to determine which forms you need to file.  All require completion of the FAFSA.  Some colleges require additional CSS profiles or additional financial aid information to be submitted.  Determine the financial aid filing deadlines for the college you plan to attend.  Some institutional aid is limited and eligible students filing first will receive money until funds are exhausted.  Late filers miss out on money.  Some preferred deadlines are as early as February 1.

Step 3:  Parents and students:  Prepare to file your 2014 Federal and State Income taxes as soon as possible after January 1 once wage earning statements and other financial statements / documents have been received.  

*Estimates:  Families who are unable to file their income taxes early this year, should estimate income amounts as accurately as possible (based upon last year's tax filing 2013) and fill out the FAFSA accordingly and submit the estimate by Feb 1, then correct the information with actual amounts once tax forms for 2014 are complete.  This is a very easy step using the IRS data retrieval system.

Step 4:  (Optional)  While you are waiting for the January 1 system opening date or while you are awaiting tax returns to be ready, you can get an early estimate of your eligibility for a variety of types of student aid by completing the FAFSA4 Caster.  This site also allows you to compare costs of schools and to imput data directly into the FAFSA when you are ready to submit.  Click on the graphic below. 


Step 5:  (Optional, but strongly encouraged)   Go to the College Financial Planning page of this web site and enter data for the Net Price Calculator, from your intended colleges, then use the loan amortization tools I have linked at the bottom of this page to determine what your loan payments will be upon graduation and what gross salary you will need to earn to make these payments


*******    This is all that can be completed prior to January 1, 2015     ********

Steps 6 - 12 can only be completed after January 1, 2015

Step 6:  Complete the FAFSA on the Web (FOTW) Worksheet for 2015-2016.  The questions on the worksheet go in the same order as the questions on the actual FAFSA.  Having this document complete, before logging on to do the FAFSA will make the process much more efficient. 

Click here-  FOTW Worksheet 

Step 7:  FILE YOUR FAFSA:  Using the information from the FOTW Worksheet, file your FAFSA (see link below) for the 2014-2015  year (preferred filing dates between 1/1/15 and 3/1/15). 

Note:  If you must file an estimate in order to meet your institution's early deadline, simple indicate "Will File" for question 79 and complete the steps to estimate.  Once you have your 2014 taxes complete, you can go back in to your FAFSA, use the IRS data retrieval tool and file an ammendment. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  On the confirmation page, there is a link directly to the HESC web site, so you can file for TAP on the Web (NYS Financial Aid) as soon as you complete your Federal application.  If you miss this link, you will have to wait 3 days, go directly to the HESC web site and re-enter all your information into the TAP system.

Please Note:  Question #27, asks you to indicate the high school you will graduate from.  If you try to spell our school correctly as "LaFargeville", the system will not recognize it.  So, you must type a space after La and before Fargeville.  It should look like this:  La Fargeville

The FAFSA system will hold the data associated with a given password for only 45 days.  So, you should not open an account until you have your tax data filed and are ready to submit your FAFSA

The system will log you off after 30 minutes of inactivity, but you will be able to log back in and access all saved data


FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid   Click here to go directly to the US Department of Education's FAFSA home page to complete your FAFSA on the Web.  You should be completing an application for the 2015-2016 school year, if you plan to enroll next fall. Please be sure to click on the TAP on the Web link at the conclusion of this form (on the confirmation page) so your information will automatically be entered into the NY State system 

If you miss the TAP link from the FAFSA confirmation page, you will need to wait 3 days to receive an email invitation allowing you to enter your information into TAP web site- Click here to set up your user name and password. 

Important:  Your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) will be emailed to you, usually arriving 3-5 days after submission.  YOU MUST BE SURE TO ADD: to your email address book or safe list to ensure that your Internet Service Provider does not treat this important correspondence as spam

Step 8:  Carefully review your Student Aid Report (SAR) which will be sent to your email account if you filed electronically and make corrections if necessary by re-entering the FAFSA site

Step 9:  If your college requests additional financial documents (e.g., a copy of your tax return), provide the requested information as soon as possible

Step 10:  Receive your financial aid award letter from each college to which you have been accepted.

Step 11:  Compare offers and contact your financial aid office directly with all questions you have.

Step 12:  Make your final decision about the college you plan to attend by May 1, as this is when a hefty (usually $500) housing deposit is required to guarantee your slot in the Fall, 2015 incoming freshman class.


Additional Web Sites for Information about Financial Aid





NY State's HESC FAFSA Hotline now open.  Call during the day (noon - 5 pm weekdays) or email any time for specific answers to your FAFSA quesitons
Current Top 18 FAQ's relating to the FAFSA From Student Aid on the Web

2014-2015 PDF FAFSA 

Note:  Preferred method is to submit this form electronically, but this is a print copy for those who cannot file electronically
Student Aid on the Web The official home page for the federal student aid programs administered by the US Department of Education.
FinAid Financial Aid resources

2015-2016 EFC Formula Calculation 

DETAILED Document which explains the specific formula used to calculate the estimated family contribution

FAFSA on the Web Screen Shots

Scroll to very bottom of page of this electronic announcement and click on the attachment

Powerpoint showing actual slides from a 2015 -2016 FAFSA, step by step

Completing the FAFSA 2015-2016 Document

(Not yet available as of 1/3/2015, Check back as I will link it as soon as it is published)

DETAILED Document which explains step-by-step how to complete this year's FAFSA as well as explanations regarding the purpose of the specific FAFSA questions
HESC's New Interactive Financial Aid Award Comparison Tool

Allows students to enter consistent COA, estimated grant and scholarship information that can be compared to determine the "bottom line"


New web site launched by HESC which provides all of the information needed to complete the FAFSA and will feature:

  • FAFSA Tutorials, Tips & Tools
  • SFAAM Calendar
  • Student Profiles
  • Informative e-Library Articles
  • Go College Video-rich, teen friendly college and career planning for students who think they cannot go to college
    Financial Aid Award Letter Comparison Tool #1 This tool from allows you to compare and contract financial aid award packages by highlighting the differences in the costs of attending each school
    Financial Aid Award Letter Comparion Tool #2 This tool from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators also allows for comparisons of packages between school by standardizing the data provided
    FAFSA4Caster To be used by families prior to the time when their  student is ready to file their actual financial aid application (Janurary of senior year).  Gives families an initial estimate of the amount of aid for which they may be eligible.

    Image of HESC logo

    Types of Financial Aid from HESC

    How to Apply for Aid from HESC

    New York State Higher Education Services Corporation.  This is where TAP applications are filed
    NYHELPS New loan program launched by NYS in 2011 to help families cover the gap in paying for higher education
    US Department of Veteran's Affairs Transfer of Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits to Dependents Information about the Post-911 GI Bill benefits transfer
    US Department of Veteran's Affairs Yellow Ribbon GI Educational Enhancement Program Under an agreement w/ the US Department of Veteran's Affairs, the Yellow Ribbon Program allows private institutions to voluntarily contribute towards tuition and fee expenses for eligible students.  This link provides additional information about the program as well as lists of participating institutions













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