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iPad Resources  

Educational App Review - is one of the best sites to get the scoop on the latest apps.  It's more than a site, it's a community of users.

Best Digital Storytelling Apps- Based on the iTouch, but very relevant for the iPad.  Remember, those iPhone/iTouch apps work on iPads!

Apps for Children with Special Needs - See apps in action before you buy!  

Digital Story Telling with the IPad - Great information on one of the best uses of an iPad!

iPad Apps & Resources for Autism (and other special needs) - An amazing site that has a lot of apps categorized.  

Smarty Ears - A company's Speech and Language apps.  

iPads in Education - A curated site offering the latest information on iPad use in education.  Beautiful format and great information!

Bloomsapps - You knew someone would have to do this!  An old organization to a new tool!

Learning in Hand - Great site with information on many devices including the iPad.

Kathy Schrock - Rubric for iPad apps - offers great insight!  

Learning Continuity - Great site listing apps for High School and Middle School teachers and students.

Appolicious - The name says it all!